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Transforming a Dental Clinics Marketing Results by Decreasing Cost Per Lead by 58.27% with PPC.

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The Client

Our client, a prominent dental practice, offers a range of services including Composite Bonding, Invisalign, and Emergency Dentist Appointments. When they approached our digital marketing agency, they were facing challenges in generating cost-effective leads through their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns.

Their average cost per conversion stood at a relatively high £36.62, and their conversion rate was a modest 2.71%. With a commitment to improving their online presence and ROI, they entrusted us to enhance their PPC strategy.

The Challenge

1. High Cost Per Conversion: The client’s primary concern was the high average cost per conversion, which made it difficult for them to acquire new patients cost-effectively.

2. Low Conversion Rate: The conversion rate of 2.71% indicated that their ad campaigns were not effectively reaching and persuading potential patients.

The Strategy

We formulated a comprehensive strategy to address these challenges and transform the client’s PPC performance:

1. Targeted Keyword Optimisation:

We conducted thorough keyword research, identifying high-intent keywords specific to the dental services the client offered. This allowed us to refine their campaign targeting, reducing the likelihood of clicks from irrelevant search queries.

2. Ad Copy and Landing Page Enhancements:

Our team restructured ad copy and optimised landing pages to align with the user’s search intent, making it clear how the dental practice’s services could address their needs. This helped improve the quality score of the ads.

3. Geo-Targeting:

We implemented geo-targeting to focus the ads on the local area, increasing visibility to potential patients in the immediate vicinity.

4. Ad Extensions and Sitelinks:

We added ad extensions and sitelinks to provide users with more information and direct links to the specific service pages, making it easier for them to find what they were looking for.

5. A/B Testing:

We continuously performed A/B testing on ad copy, bidding strategies, and landing page elements to identify what resonated most with the target audience.

The Result

Over the course of eight months, our comprehensive PPC strategy delivered remarkable results for our client (most of which came after just 2 months):

Significant Cost Per Conversion Reduction:

The average cost per conversion plummeted from £36.62 to just £15.29, a remarkable 58.27% reduction. This substantial cost savings significantly improved the client’s ROI.

Substantial Conversion Rate Increase:

The conversion rate more than doubled, increasing from 2.71% to an impressive 5.76%. This increase was a testament to the effectiveness of the new strategy in reaching and persuading potential patients.

Increased Click-Through Rate (CTR):

With improved ad relevance and targeting, the CTR increased by 31.5%, indicating that our optimised ad campaigns were attracting more engaged and interested users.

Enhanced ROI:

The combination of decreased cost per conversion and increased conversion rate led to a substantial improvement in the client’s ROI. They were now acquiring new patients at a much more efficient rate.


New Converstion Rate



DROP in Cost Per Lead

The Conclusion

Our agency’s PPC campaign overhaul for our dental industry client achieved outstanding results.

By reducing the average cost per conversion while simultaneously increasing the conversion rate, we transformed their online marketing efforts into a highly cost-effective patient acquisition machine.

Our ongoing optimisation and commitment to refining the strategy continue to benefit the client’s dental practice, positioning them for long-term success in a competitive industry.

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