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Performance-Driven TikTok Advertising Agency

We fuel your TikTok ads through the power of performance-driven custom and UGC content. Maximise your ROAS and lower your CPA with the fastest-growing social media platform.

Content is King

TikTok is unlike other platforms, it needs its own tailored content to flourish. We create and edit your content while creating multiple variations of it to A/B test on our ads. Content is King, and the more winning ads we find, the better.

We also utilise UGC Assets and Spark Ads to help build credibility and Social Proof of your product or service.

Testing and Targeting

During your ad campaign, we need to test different creatives and their specific targeting. Our goal is to hit our benchmark CPA to ensure you are profitable as quick as possible. From here, we scale the ads and test new audiences to reach new markets.

We will also utilise your Google Analytics to help build our ideal customer faster when advertising.

Account Setup

We get your TikTok Business Center Account set up and ready to run ads.

Research & Strategy

We take time to research your business and competition, while using TikTok Spy tools to develop a strategy.

Ads A/B Testing

We find your winning ad and then create multiple variations to A/B test with our strategy.

Pixel Implementation

We will create and install your TikTok Pixel within your Shopify or WordPress website.

Content Creation

We utilise your Video Assets and create custom Video Content to run Ads. We also use UGC assets + Spark Ads.

White Label (Agencies)

We white label TikTok Ads for several agencies nationwide. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

Our Process of TikTok Advertising

Being the fastest growing Social Platform, the process of launching our TikTok ads has to be measured and exact within our goals, whether it be Lead Gen or E-Commerce.

Account Setup
We get your TikTok Business Account set up with all necessary tracking parameters to ensure we collect correct data and have no problems in being eligible for advertising.

Research & Strategy
We move on to look into your business and niche. This consists of competitor research to see what ads they have ran as well as the latest trends on TikTok for your product or service. Nothing is left to chance, everything is spit-tested to ensure maximum success as soon as possible.

Content Creation & UGC
We develop custom video content for all ads that suit your product or service. We also utilise the power of User Generated Content (UGC) to build social proof among your brand. This mixed with Spark Ads ensure we have everything we need for content.

We conduct A/B testing on all ads to find the best performers. From here, we create multiple variations and conduct further tests to ensure we are always maximising ROAS and lowering CPA.

We check in to each account daily and make necessary changes to ensure each month is successful. Weekly and monthly reports are sent to show Data changes and ensure the account is being managed for performance.

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