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Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

See some of the PPC results we have achieved for clients across industries.

Lead Gen Client

A huge B2B client spending £50K a month on Google Ads approached us in early January 2023 to reduce their cost per lead and keep rate of leads high!

After a full strategy plan, restructure of the account and brand-new ad copy, we took this client from a whopping £34.67 per lead, to a much more profitable £19.21 per lead in just 30 days.


E-Commerce Client

We spent £4.66K and gained back £31.4K in just one week of PPC with this client. 

The client’s previous agency were up to no good with lack of changes, lack of strategy and outdated keywords, ad copy and bidding strategies. We came in and took control and saw success in just 7 days. ROAS went from 2.84x to 6.74x, a happy client.


Lead Gen Client

We started working with this client in the second quarter of 2019. Previously, the agency working with this client were getting a Cost Per Lead of around £150.

We quickly restructured the campaigns in full, building them up from scratch and then our continuous optimisations saw us achieve around a £16 Cost Per Lead.

E-Commerce Client

This was a brand-new E-Commerce store from our client in the Accessories space. Worried about their ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), we quickly become profitable after just 2 weeks of running Ads.

Moving forward, over the past 4 months we scaled their ROAS and we now sit at almost 9x. This took a combination of Advanced Level Campaigns, plus a thorough strategy of the industry.


E-Commerce Client

This client wanted to grow with us over time. To do this they wanted to spend more over the course of a few years where the Cost Per Sale was good enough to bring a positive ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

We successfully made them profitable and therefore increased our spend over time with a higher rate of sale, and higher ROAS!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Social Media Advertising

See some of our Paid Social Results we have achieved for clients as well as some of the Organic Posts we designed.

E-Commerce Client

This client is in the gifting industry, where the main goal from Facebook Ads was to increase sales and have a Cost Per Sale of less than £12.

We achieved this within 45 days, with our lowest Cost Per Sale being £3.84.

Lead Gen Client
A super client in the Healthcare Industry asked us to generate qualified leads for them with a Cost Per Lead of below £4.00. It’s safe to say we successfully delivered this within just 2 months.

We utilised Facebook’s Lead Form Ads with 6 questions to qualify the client. We found the more questions we ask, the more interested the customer is. Quality over Quantity – But, in this case, we got both.

Brand Awareness Client

This client was a startup focussed on traffic for their new website. We very quickly created an impactful campaign that attracted thousands of users and in total gave us 131,974 clicks on our website at just £0.09 per click. We also achieved 21.9 million impressions.

E-Commerce Client

We took over this account for the client from another agency. Previously the other agency was getting a Cost Per Add to Cart of around £25.

We immediately noticed errors within the ads and rebuilt the campaigns from scratch. We then saw a Cost Per Add to Cart of £1.33 with 1,181 conversions within the first 30 days.

Social Media Advertising

Website Design & Development

Please see below some beautiful websites we have created for clients in various industries.

Website Design & Development

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