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Spending £4.66K and Generating £31.4K In Revenue In Just One Week of PPC.

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New Client


Home Decor Industry

The Client

Our client operates within the home decor industry, specialising in high-quality furnishings and decorative items.

Despite offering excellent products, their PPC campaigns were struggling to generate a significant Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and high revenue.

The Challenge

The client approached us with a desire to enhance their PPC performance. Their existing ROAS stood at a modest 2.84x, with revenue totaling £1,000 daily. The objective was to not only increase ROAS but also substantially boost revenue while maintaining a reasonable ad spend budget.

The Strategy

Understanding the client’s goals and target audience, we conducted a comprehensive audit of their existing PPC campaigns. Based on our analysis, we developed a holistic strategy encompassing various aspects:

1. Keyword Optimisation:

We conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-converting keywords relevant to the client’s products and target audience. By refining the keyword selection and incorporating long-tail keywords, we aimed to improve ad relevance and attract more qualified users.

2. Audience Targeting:

Utilising advanced audience targeting options, we segmented the audience based on demographics, interests, and online behavior. This allowed us to tailor ad messaging and offers to specific audience segments, maximising relevance, engagement and sales.

3. Ad Copy Enhancement:

We crafted compelling ad copy that highlighted the unique selling points of the client’s products, emphasised value propositions, and included clear calls-to-action. A/B testing was implemented to identify the most effective product page variations.

4. Bidding Strategies:

We implemented a dynamic bidding strategy, leveraging automated bidding algorithms to optimise bids in real-time based on factors such as device, location, and audience. This ensured optimal ad placement while maximising ROI.

5. Budget Allocation:

We strategically allocated the budget across campaigns and ad groups based on performance data and projected ROI. Constant monitoring and adjustment allowed us to allocate resources to top-performing campaigns while scaling back on underperforming ones.

The Result

The implementation of our revamped PPC strategy yielded remarkable results within just One Week (check dates on screenshot above):

    • ROAS increased from 2.84x to 6.74x, representing a 137.32% improvement.
    • Revenue daily surged from £1,000 to £10,240, marking a 924% increase.
    • Despite the substantial improvement in performance, the ad spend remained modest at £4,660 weekly.
    • Total revenue generated from the campaign amounted to £31,400, delivering an outstanding return on investment, a 6.74x and counting.


    New Conversion Rate


    Increased Revenue

    DROP in Cost Per Sale

    The Conclusion

    Through a combination of meticulous planning, strategic optimisation, and continuous monitoring, we were able to transform the client’s PPC campaign performance dramatically.

    By overhauling the entire strategy, from keyword selection to landing page optimisation, we not only achieved exceptional ROAS improvement but also generated substantial revenue growth, positioning our client for sustained success in the competitive home decor market.

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