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Hi, I’m Jay Raja.

I’m a PPC AdvertiserSocial Media Marketer and Web Designer.

I run Immerse Media, a digital agency that delivers ROI driven marketing strategies for businesses both big and small.

Paid Search (PPC)

Paid search is an integral digital marketing method to bring targeted traffic to your website.

Unlike SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising brings in immediate results to your business, whether you class that as sales, leads or brand awareness. PPC Advertising is for those who are willing to invest a % of their Final Sale Price in acquiring new customers to their business. 

As an example, a B2B company may pay £15 for a lead from a call centre (a cold lead). However PPC Advertising could bring in that lead for less than £5. Not only is this lead cheaper, but the lead is also Warm and aware of the business. We capture this lead by tracking their actions on our website such if they have made a phone call from our website, completed a form, signed up to a list, and so on.

This brings us tremendous ROI and allows us to focus on ROI driven marketing strategies to continually optimise and analyse our PPC campaigns.

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Social Media Management & Marketing

Social media has become its own phenomenon and businesses not utilising ground-breaking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are missing out on an incredible audience interested in their business.

Social media management and marketing comes in two forms. One, management of social media includes capturing content for the business, and posting this out on social platforms, organically reaching audiences. Two, marketing of social media includes using paid advertising methods on Facebook, Instagram and more to specifically target an audience associated with that business. 

Proving to be a very successful ROI, social media marketing is what most industries are not taking enough advantage of.

Whether you’re looking for sales or brand awareness on Social Media, get in touch with us today for a no-nonsense chat about how our strategy can benefit you.

Want to see how we can benefit your business?

We advertise on the following platforms.


Over 1.2 billion people search on Google.


Over 212 million people search on Bing.


Over 2.3 billion active users on Facebook.


Over 1 billion active users on Instagram.


Over 250 million active users on LinkedIn.


Over 310 million active users on Amazon.

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