Web Design

Websites for 2021 and beyond. Successfully diversifying businesses from old, dulled out websites into modernised future-proof experiences. Developed with an immersive infrastructure in our build process, future changes, tweaks and edits are always a breeze.

Our web designs are tailor made with one common trait – they’re aimed to drive RESULTS. We manage projects large and small, with continued support. Optimised for lead generation, sales, awareness or all three. Immerse Media will always be your long-term partner.


img Built to Drive Results

img Developed Alongside Business Goals

img Continued and Ongoing support

img Multiple References Available on Request

Lead Generation

Built to capture, track and measure incoming leads. People underestimate design in a Website Project focused on capturing leads. Design means ensuring our CTA’s (call to action) buttons are easily accessible on both Mobile and Desktop. The idea is to capture the user’s information as seamlessly as possible.

Our Lead Generation websites are tailored to each business. On top of this, each CTA is tracked via Google Analytics so we are 100% aware of where our lead has come from. We always take a ROI Drive Approach.


img Conversion Optimised Landing Pages

img Trackable CTA Clicks, Form, Phone, Live Chat

img Split-Tested Landing Pages

img ROI Driven Approach


Make money while you sleep. This is why we have E-Commerce functionality at our disposal. Our web designs are specifically tailored to the branding of the business. E-Commerce is not just making sales, it’s building a brand. We know this better than anyone. Our core base of customers are E-Commerce clients, let us help you do our magic.

Having worked with global E-Commerce brands in both Web Design and Marketing, our approach is highly targeted to ensure your website converts and builds a loyal customer base.


img Conversion Optimised Product Pages

img Speedy, Consistent and Converting Designs

img Multiple Payment Gateway Integrations

img Custom Dashboard to Measure Sales

White Label

Use an expert to excel your business. Immerse Media is White Labelled by several agencies. We are used to work on Web Design, Social Media and PPC for the clients of our clients nation-wide. Our work is done solely under the umbrella of the agency, including custom email addresses and in-person meetings.

We work to ensure YOU always have a markup on our work. Use Immerse Media as your outsourced marketing department.


img Ensuring You a Markup

img Custom Email Address

img A Friendly and Knowledgeable Expert

img A True Long-term Partnership

Brand Awareness

If your business is not online, you’ll soon be out of business. At the very least your business needs a presence online. Something to suit your brand, offer contact information and service offerings. We’ll help you tailor your brand to bring it online so you can be sure you are digitally up to date.

Relieve the pain of not knowing if you’re missing out on potential customers. Having an online presence for your brand should be your number one target.


img Put Your Brand Online

img Enjoy a Digital Presence

img Designed to Fit Your Needs

img Visually Stunning and Future-proof


Wanting to streamline your workflow? We have built 40+ B2B websites that are specifically tailored to the request of the business. Looking to integrate order processing? Looking to offer clients an online e-commerce alternative? Or perhaps you’re driving leads with other businesses.

Allow us to produce you a workflow that streamlines with your business. Online alternatives are endless and we have the knowledge you need to know.


img Professionally Built

img Streamline Your Workflow

img Online Portals to your Customers

img A Tailored Approach

An elegant Coffee Shop & Bakery who looked to show their in-store interior live online!

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A global brand who looked to execute an Urban E-Commerce Web Design for their target audience.

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Elegant Indian Wear, looking to show off their portfolio of clothing in a branded approach.

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Lead Generation Website for a damp proofing company based in Nottingham, UK.

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A full Home Solution company looking to advertise their services online.

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E-Commerce Website selling custom made prank products to an audience all about "FUN"!

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Primarily focussing on LinkedIn (B2B), Facebook and Instagram. Social Media advertising has proved highly effective in the digital age. We’ve worked with clients large and small in excelling growth through Social.

High number of followers, page likes, interaction and general engagement – our Social Media Strategy is tailored to each client. 


img Multi-Channel Advertising

img Trackable Results

img Split-Tested Creatives

img ROI Driven Approach

Marketing & Management

We take away the time and stress from your Social Media by managing everything ourselves. Posting, comments, DM’s and customer service, we’re here to help. Utilising a multitude of marketing strategies on Social Media is sure to give your business the growth it needs.

Posts are pre-approved by you first on a weekly basis to ensure we’re hitting your brand guidelines. Don’t have guidelines in place? We’ve done a full brand audit and produced them ourselves in the past. Leave it with us.


img Month-on-Month Management

img Creative and Branded Marketing

img Reaching Targetted Audiences

img Multi-channel Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Quite possible the most powerful Social Strategy out there for E-Commerce stores. Influencer Marketing is something we use in our own B2C E-Commerce Business. We manage the entire process from finding influencers, to managing them, to tracking the results it brings.

Product samples are always key in Influencer Marketing to help your brand reach your targeted audience. We’ll provide you with a full and comprehensive list of influencers we’re planning to approach and keep you entirely in the loop.


img Full Influencer Management

img Management of all Collaboration

img Building Profitable Relationships

img Growing a Targetted Community

Lead Generation

Utilising Social Lead Forms through Facebook and LinkedIn. Social Lead Generation is a fantastic method to build a brand and capture leads at the same time. We’ll make sure your audience is engaged with our content creation for your brand, giving us a high chance of conversion.

We use expert tools to automate LinkedIn Lead Generation that allow us to connect + message a tailored pitch to thousands of potential clients per month. Get in touch with us to learn more about this works.


img Engage With Thousands of Users

img Nurture, Capture and Track Leads

img Build Targetted Audiences

img ROI Driven Approach

Content Creation

We generate beautiful, branded content for your audience. Our methodical approach allows to create stunning visuals for your brand aimed to keep users engaged.

Once we understand your business goals, we’ll create a tailored strategy to ensure we’re hitting brand guidelines with each piece of content we post out.


img Visually Stunning Marketing

img Interactive and Engaging Posts

img Tailored Graphic Designs

img Full Content Strategy Plan

Eco-friendly products using Facebook Advertising to help spread the word about UniGreen.

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Facebook and Instagram advertising to grow a customer base in need of Hygiene products.

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Facebook ads were used to excel the growth of this Luxury Phone Case brand.

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Developed a Full Social Media Strategy for a young adults theatre production brand.

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A rare and exotic tea brand who looked to improve brand awareness through Facebook and Instagram.

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Influencer marketing at its finest helped to grow the awareness and revenue for this Luxury Shoelace brand.

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Free PPC Audit

No Cost, No Obligation FREE PPC Audit. Allow us to look into your Ads and feed back all of the potential improvements, quick wins and worthwhile amendments to improve your Ads performance.

Just give us a call or message to start this process. We’re confident we’ll find something of value for you.


img Full Overview of Your Current Ads

img No Commitment Audit

img Helpful Tips and Recommendations

img 30 Minute Phone Call To Discuss

Google Shopping

The instant ads that make you money. Google Shopping has become a primary asset to our business as we deliver optimised feeds straight from our website to Google, to ensure our products are being clicked on ONLY by a targeted audience.

We monitor all product groups, and segment over time to ensure we’re only spending on those ads that are working. We cut losses and excel wins.


img Multi-Channel Feed Integration

img Product Groups and Segments

img Instant Measurable Data

img Google Shopping Certified Experts


What you think will work, might not. Split-testing is a key approach in our PPC Strategy. Each click costs us money and we want to ensure each click is being monitored and measured to see what is working, and what is not.

We’ll provide you with a detailed plan of what we plan to test to deliver you optimal performance for the long-run. Never underestimate the power of trying something new.


img Constant Updated Campaigns

img Full Tracking and Measurement

img Monthly Reporting on all Tests

img Drafts and Experiments

Custom Creatives

Custom Designs, Headlines and Landing Pages. Our custom creatives are aimed to drive traffic and monitor results. People react in different ways and measuring the best approach for our brand is our way forward.

We’ll excel ads that are working and drop ads that are not. We’re a Results Driven Marketing Agency, and that only comes with our power to carefully monitor ALL aspects of our marketing campaigns.


img Visually Stunning Creatives

img Headline and Description Generation

img Product Image Optimisation

img Full Testing and Reporting

Click Fraud Protection

Don’t lose money on Click Fraud. We’ve partnered with large corporations to ensure Click Fraud does not find its way in our campaigns. We integrate bespoke systems in our campaigns to ensure IP Addresses are tracked for all individuals.

If a refund is necessary, we’ll compile a full report and send it to Google and/or Microsoft to ensure refund procedures take place.


img Never Lose Money on Click Fraud

img We Handle Full Refund Procedures

img Highly Effective Prevention Software

img Guaranteed Safeguarding

Google Shopping and Search Campaigns were used to excel the growth of this Luxury Shoelace Brand.

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Utilising Google Shopping to sell the Luxury Phone Cases for Porter Riley and achieve exponential growth.

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Developed Search Ads for this Lead Generation Campaign which provided us a new and improved client-base.

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High values products using Google Shopping to see a ROAS of 40+

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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the art of telling Google and other search engines to understand what your site is all about and when to show your site.

The aim is to get your site high in the rankings for keyword terms when they get searched, connecting you with the internet users who need your service or product.


img Get Your Website Seen

img Increase Your Organic Traffic

img Better Content, Better Leads

img Build Website Authority

On-Page SEO

The start your SEO journey is on the pages of your website. What your users will see on these pages, will sway their decision to stay, go, or TAKE ACTION this all depends on their on-page experience! Good quality and informative content are what will get them on and stay on and flow down that sales funnel.

Google is reading your page too. Make sure those crawl bots look at the content and understand what your site is all about. Google is looking for the answer to someone’s question, make your website the answer.


img Optimising Content

img Creating a User Friendly Website

img Stop Searchers Bouncing

img Increase Lead Gen and Sales

Off-Page SEO

The background stuff is just as important, if search engines can’t see it, it might as well not exist. How your page is set up and reads within the code affects how search engines act. If an image pops up, how do they know what it is? They check the code!

Make sure Google understands where to look and what is valuable about your site, so you get the right traffic.


img Optimsing Images

img Help Google Navigate Your Site

img Look Presentable On Listings

img Increase Click-Through Rate

Local SEO

Local SEO is a subsection of SEO, get your website to your local clientele. How many times do you type in a search the end term “Near me”? Make sure search engines not only know what you are, but where you are too.

It’s about getting the right traffic, not lots of traffic, push your local market to find you, not your competitors.


img Focused Local Traffic

img Get Found by the Right Market

img Put Your Business on YOUR Map

img Increase Customer Retention Rate

Backlink Building

The hardest, but most beneficial, part of SEO. The more authoritative sites pointing at you, the better Google thinks you must be to have all these links.

Not all links are created equal. Links from already established and content relevant sites pass more power in their links compared to a link on a poorly rated spammy site.


img Contextually Relevant Links

img Authorative Sites Only

img Boost Traffic Dramatically

img Long Term SEO Strategy



Due to the work we get from referrals of past and present clients, we have formulated a commission structure to give back to those awesome people who recommend us. We have split this up into 2 packages, see below:


Know Someone?


Depending on the amount spent by your referral, the following commission will be paid to you:


1£0 – £500: 5% Commission.

2£500 – £1,000: 10% Commission.

3£1,000 – £1,500: 12.5% Commission.

4£1,500 – £2,000: 15% Commission.


This includes if the client is charged monthly or one-off. For e.g. If your referral spends £1,000 per month, your commission would be £100 per month.

Existing Client


If you’re an existing client who has another business or knows someone with a business, we offer the following commission structure:

Existing Clients on Retainer:

1If your referral gets put on a retainer above £400 per month, we offer you 10% OFF your current fee or a straight credit.

2If your referral gets put on a retainer above £1,000 per month, we offer you 15% OFF your current fee or a straight credit.

3If your referral is a one-off job. The same commission as the Know Someone? package applies.

Past Clients

4Same commission structure as the Know Someone? package applies.

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